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Slithers by Kevin Siervo

Kevin Siervo is a Licensed Professional Teacher living in the Philippines specializing in Language and Creative Arts.



By: Kevin Siervo


They are crawling

Slithering and glowing

They pretend to be a friend

Soon they’ll bite you ‘cause they’re a foe.


They’ll help you in all the things you do

But be careful I’m telling you so

Don’t give your trust like I do

Hell’s their neighbour, it’ll run to you.


You can’t tame them

They’re two-faced and traitorous

Fated to come to you in deception

So you’ll rot in their own venoms.


Awaken your senses

They’ll deceive you

Steal your trust and later consume you

Not to save you but to drag you.


My friend, the world’s a misery

Not everything you see is reality

Better find a friend who knows loyalty

Than to stumble from children of blasphemy.

© 2019 Kevin Siervo

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