Hey, diddle-diddle, that cat and that fiddle, the old cow jumped up over the moon...

Hey, diddle-diddle, that cat and that fiddle, the old cow jumped up over the moon...

Sleepy river rolls, the moon shines on the Hooch,

Rolling on down through that gentle valley, wide,

We've all seen that site so late in the starry night,

Is where each beau proposes to his future bride.

The Chattahoochee is the Creek Indian's name,

Its meaning, for "Painted Rock", flows there still,

As over the years when the changes may come,

Always does remain, there spreading its goodwill.


Sleepy river moon casting its shadows over all your banks,

You're a regular steadfast friend, and to you, give our thanks.

Over years, through every season, be it freezing or so warm,

We can count on you to see us all through, is by your charm.

Moonbeams, maker of all our dreams, you all use,

Sleepy River Moon, singing your song in the Blues,

That old midnight train crossing over your pathway,

With such a noisy refrain, then, you can never refuse.

Lonesome sounds in the night all echo, far and wide,

As clickety-clack, down that old track, soon subsides.

While on your path across the sky, the wild geese fly,

And by your golden light, end all flight, land, by and by.


Sleepy River Moon Blues, it gets in the blood, this you will never lose,

Hey, diddle-diddle, that old cat and that fiddle, you surely can't accuse.

That feeling of where you belong that you get and don't want it to end,

If you ever have seen that old River moon, late in the night, my friend,

That old Sleepy River Moon, my friend,

a feeling that you don't want to end.


Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on August 04, 2018:

"Sleepy river of the moon casting its shadows over the banks." Beautiful image, inspiring pleasant thoughts.

whonunuwho (author) from United States on August 03, 2018:

Thanks Eric. Many blessings. whonu

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on August 03, 2018:

Thank you, nice visualization.

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