Sleepless Rhymes

Updated on November 12, 2017


Robbed a shipment belonging.
To STANLEY RUBINO the great.
Who intended to sell it to another great.
ROB NOVAK. A mob boss kid.
Downs has to hide their involvement.
So he investigates to cover it up.
But two investigators call his bluff.
They were chosen for the mission.
Meanwhile, Downs is ambushed.
Rubinos attempts to flush.
Flush him off of the road.
While his son is in control.
In control of Rubino's men.
The men demand the Stolen.
The stolen cocaine.
They'd give his son back in exchange.
Down retrieves from SEAN CASS.
Then places it in a duffle bag.
He leaves it in Rubino's casino.
Negotiating to let his son go.
Before he hands over the leverage.
Meanwhile, Bryant finds his suspicions.
Were right all along.
Downs is a dirty cop.
Bryant steals the cocaine and locks.
Locks it in a women's locker room.
Downs later sees that it's been moved.
So he presents a bag of sugar.
Rubino the hands over.
Hands over Thomas.
But Novak recaptures Thomas.
He finds that it's not real.
Sugar wasn't part of the deal.
Downs then escapes.
While Dennison sees he's gotten away.
Bryant then goes home and sleeps.
But doesn't leave before giving the key.
Downs disguises himself as security.
But crosses Paths with Bryant.
Bryant ends up chasing.
Chasing him into a hotel room.
He reveals who he is in the room.
Revealing that he has been in disguise.
To rid the city of the crime.
He knows Cass is a drug runner.
Looks to find who is keeping it covered.
A skeptical Bryant directs Downs.
To where the cocaine is locked down.
But Dennison removed it.
Downs knocks him unconscious.
While his son Thomas escapes.
Rubino decides to chase.
Chase Thomas while he contacts.
Downs, hoping he comes back.
Comes back and falls into his lap.
But downs is aware of the trap.
Downs finds that Dennison's the mole.
He's on Novak's Payroll.
He informed Cass to kill downs.
Then finds that Cass is still around.
Dennison questions Cass.
Then is forced to kill Cass.
Novak shoots up the casino.
While Bryant arrests Rubino.
Downs and Thomas attempt to escape.
But are ambushed along the way.
A shootout erupts.
Killing Novak and crashing the truck.
The Truck that Dennison is in.
He ends up being arrested.

Jamie Foxx
Vincent Downs
Michelle Monoghan
Jennifer Bryant
Dermot Mulroney
Stanley Rubino
Scott McNary
Rob Novak
Sean Cass
David Harbour
Doug Dennison

Baran Do Bar


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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