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Sleep Deprived

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Yenaros' mix of lyricism, detail, and style is a dangerous poetic force to be reckoned with.

Poetry by Yenaros

Poetry by Yenaros

Sleep Deprived

I’ve stayed awake through the

Entire night.

My eyes are feeling droopy and I’m

Having problems with my sight.

Trying to fight the sleep,

I’m trying with all my might.

Enclosing myself in darkness because

The sun is just too bright.

I’m having a skirmish with

My eyelids

It’s a fight.

This headache is killing me and my

Muscles feel tight.

I have the weight of the wind

Blowing against my body.

I feel like a kite.

I want to defy sleep so bad

That I’m not keeping things black and white.

I’m playing with the status of

My health.

It isn’t right.

I need to go to bed because I don’t want

This feeling to bite

Me in the back,


It’s the next night.

Good night.

Sleep tight.

The clock just hit 11 pm.

I’m out like a light.

© 2019 Yenaros

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