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Sleep Is My All Time Favorite Activity To Do


Come Join Me In A World Of Great Comfort

Where nothing is what it is

Everything feels bigger and better than it could possibly be

Where the fake is real

What feels real is fake

You think after all years of practice

We would all be experts

So I am among the greatest minds in the world

I am glad I am in the right place

I didn't want to waste any time

Yes I have a secret

I found a way to tap into everyone's mind

It is our little secret

See while everyone is asleep

I ease on in

They are laying there waiting for a visit

The secret is not to stay too long

I pop in and move along

Since I am here

I try to leave you with a few positive vibes

Ones that you might not except as easily while you are awake

Life is exciting

You are wonderful

You can accomplish so many of your dreams you didn't think possible

I will come back from time to time

To check in on your progress

I will pat you on the back when you do good

I will cheer you on when you need support

I will lift you up when you fall

The beauty of it all

Is I can do it while both of us sleep

I use to only sleep four to five hours a night

That was never enough

So when I would visit

I would have to make it quick

I have found a way

To use my mind while it is going to think no matter what

So while my body is catching some great well deserved rest

I am flying high

With each friendly person, I meet

My time during the day is limited

Here it is limitless

So in life when we run out of time

I can't wait to close my eyes

Here I go right to the brain

The mind other people like to call it

You can call it by any name you want

I am here

I poke around and see what your subconscious has to say

At first sight

Get out of here

Go away

After I calm you down a bit

Let you know I am not here to cause any trouble or harm

I remind you

You can kick me to the curb at anytime

Before you do

Can I tell you a few simple things?

I am only one thought of many

You can dismiss me with a blink of an eye

So you have total control

I have a little free time

I thought you would enjoy a little company

Alright, I will keep it down

Some people are trying to sleep

I thought we would cover some odd subjects

Life, emotion, peace, understanding

Just a few to get the old noggin thinking

I am running out of time

My own body is going to wake up soon

It is starting to stir

Just when I was having the time of my life

Go figure

If you didn't mind the visit

I would love to come back again

Remember get some needed sleep

Then I will be around soon

Let your mind know

You don't have to get up early

There are so many dreams to dream

Dream On


DREAM ON (author) on October 08, 2020:

Ankita B I love that we all have so many beautiful things in common. At the same time we have many differences that make us unique and special. The perfect blend of life. So every day we can be challenged and enjoy all the wonders we see and feel. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I am so happy we both can sleep and dream on. Have a lovely Thursday. May our new dreams be bigger and better than before.

Ankita B on October 07, 2020:

I love this poem very much. Sleep is my all time favourite activity to do as well. Wonderful poem about the importance of dreams.

DREAM ON (author) on October 07, 2020:

Anupam Mitu It is so nice to see other people who love beautiful things in life. I come up with many crazy thoughts and nowhere to put them. I don't have any real experience in any field. I dive into the unknown and hope what I think may help someone else who is where I am. My experiences are unique to me and many times I talk about things nobody else mentions. They still seem important in my mind. Thank you so much for appreciating my dreams with a tiny bit of life's philosophy. I have failed many times and they say every time you fall off a horse get right back on it. I never rode a horse. I still pretend I am thrown from an imaginary horse and I get right back on it.(lol) Have a great day. Thank you for taking the time to read my poems.

Anupam Mitu from MUMBAI on October 07, 2020:

So beautiful it is! Loved reading this heart felt poem, a bit of life's philosophy.

DREAM ON (author) on October 06, 2020:

Lorna Lamon I have a lot of thoughts that keep repeating themselves. One is to make people happy and the other is to try to find new ways to make that happen. What better way than to capture the minds of everyone when they are asleep. Relaxing their bodies and feeling refreshed and ready to let all good things happen. I appreciate every comment and all your nice thoughts too. We all have only one life and I think it is smart if we make the best of it. I hope your day is filled with fun and sunshine. Then all good times can come around and set up camp for a long stay.

Lorna Lamon on October 06, 2020:

As usual your poems take me to another realm, in this case the land of dreams, where we can achieve anything and be everything. Thank you for the inspiration Dream On - and the kindness in your words.

DREAM ON (author) on October 06, 2020:

Sannyasi Raja Dreamers make the world go round. It is so nice to sleep and dream. What a beautiful combination. Thank you for reading and sharing. May all your dreams come true. Have a great day.

Sannyasi Raja from Durgapur, West Bengal, India on October 06, 2020:

Very nice.

I am a dreamer and I enjoyed it.

Keep visiting and bless us with positivity.

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