Slacker Rhymes

Updated on November 14, 2017


RICHARD LINKLATER got off the bus.
He took the cab to the campus.
Talking the cab driver's ear off.
The driver was happy to drop him off.
While walking through the town.
He noticed a car knocking a woman down.
Turns out that woman was some kin to the driver.
It was actually his mother.
After running his mother down.
He brings the car back around.
He goes in and hears the phone ring.
He then hears the sound of sirens.
Then hears a knock at his door.
He goes down to the door.
He sees who is it and answers it.
Then he gets arrested.
Meanwhile, Linklater is still sightseeing.
Focusing on understanding.
Understanding the campus life.
But also sees the life behind campus life.
The bohemians, longhairs, and peaceniks.
Hippies, weirdos, and beatniks.
He doesn't get involved in their lives.
He watches and learns to be wise.
It's a soothing feeling that he has.
Learning the cultures that they have.
See lives that never get attention.
Realizing that there is much knowledge.
Lanklister invented an entire style.
Just to listen, that's what made them SMILE.

Richard Linklaster
Richard Linklaster

Richard Linklater


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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