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You were a dreamer eversince you were a child.

A goal setter and focused on the plans you had in mind.

You said, dream big for it is free;

Like the skyscraper you always see.

Draw the things you want on a board,

Claim that it will happen as your reward.

For the hardships you've been through, you deserve all of this,

I know you won't let it pass nor an opportunity to be missed.

But failure always lurks at the side,

You won't gain success if you don't accept otherwise;

Life is not perfect, there's bruises everywhere,

You cannot shove it off even if you dare.

Just try and try one step at a time

You'll get there, don't worry everything will be fine.

Change is inevitable, you don't have to resist.

Just go with the flow, be a positivist.

Don't let fear get in your way,

Or you would end up full of dismay.

Pray for strength, don't ever frown;

Have faith in God, He will not let you down.

Believe in yourself, that is the key;

Work hard on your goal as busy as a bee.

Be consistent and always persevere.

Stay humble, lessen your pride my dear.

Act today is the best way to start.

Be professional and at the same time be street smart.

Motivate yourself until you reach the top.

Whatever happens, don't you ever stop.

© 2019 Janis

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