Sky High Rhymes

Updated on November 10, 2017

Sky High

WILL STRONGHOLD beings ninth grade.
At a high school that was made.
Made to teach teens with superpowers.
Will's parents know he has powers.
The commander and Jetstream.
Famous Parents for saving.
Always saving the world.
Making life better for boys and girls.
Will's leaves for his bus.
Then meets up with his Crush.
LAYLA who sits by his side.
While going for their ride.
On the bus that transforms to fly.
To the school sitting high in the sky.
Upon their arrival.
They meet others with superpowers.
With a trio of bullies.
Will is placed in a program supporting.
Hero Support. He becomes a sidekick.
He meets Ethan who melts into fluid.
He meets Zach who glows in the dark.
MAGNETA is the last to be apart.
Be apart of Will's friends.
Their teacher is an old friend.
An old friend of Wills father.
He then learns his superpowers.
Meanwhile, Will's father.
Is unaware that his teacher.
Is his former partner.
Then shows Will the "The Pacifier".
Which he took from his nemesis.
He is proud of the weapon.
Meanwhile, will finds his gift.
He has superhuman strength.
He transfers from being a sidekick.
He also impresses GWEN GRAYSON.
Who asks him to homecoming.
She becomes his girlfriend.
Will spends more time with Gwen.
He meets all of her friends.
While Layla sits and sees all of it.
Along with his new friends.
Gwen then informs Warren.
That she loved Will for a long time.
But she tricks Will that very night.
To have a party at his home.
To gain access to his home.
First Will has to take her.
To sanctum where the Pacifier.
She has someone steal it.
Will finds out about it.
He breaks up with Gwen.
Refusing to attend the dance.
His parents still go to the dance.
Will realizes that is his nemesis chance.
Gwen maybe nemesis daughter.
Will can be the savior.
Gwen reveals that she is Royal Pain.
She waited years for her revenge.
Took over the school to get it started.
But it all did not last.
Will is the Hero to bring it to past.

Micheal Angarano
Kurt Russel
The Commander
Mary Elizabeth-Winested

Mike Mitchell


© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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