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Skip the Beat?

A poem written for a girl I fancied at a time of confusion as to whos tune my heart was beating.

Sorry for the honesty,
I've no doubt you've no trust of my loyalty.
But believe me when I say.
You bring a smile to me,
I know you can see.
Just being there,
You inspire me.

Thank you for your smile,
been staring at it for a long while.
A smile that compliments her face,
sometimes makes my heart race.
I know this is wrong,
for my heart has been beating a different song.
Sorry I like you,
and I love it when you're happy and you smile.
I just wanna be true.
Cause it's not hard to fall for you,
as your kindness has no due.
I've no intent to make you mine,
I just want you to stay.
cause you make my day fine.

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