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Six Acrostic Poems


A month to remember

Pleasent flowers blooming

Returning with spring cherry blossoms

I wish it was a vacation that

Last forever in a dream


Just when I thought I would forget you.

A memory startled me like it was yesterday. Your

Cool demeanor meant you was one step above the rest

Kind and humble.

I laugh at your funny face expressions. It was

Equally entertaining like a show of comedy hour Jackie.


Whenever I slip and fall. You give me

Hope and inspiration.

Eternally, I suffer from the lack of your presence

Nothing last forever. I'm force to

Except this truth. The days pass by

Very quickly. My highs and lows

Evolve like stars of the universe. These things I

Realized like a new endeavor. Mother nothing takes

your place in my heart


If faith can show its face. How strong it would be to

Find a home that felt like forever.


The days are long and cold. The aching of a soul

Especially after the move to Chicago

Amber heart was broken. Her

Reminiscing over a lost love

Don't ask her his name.

Robert was her left hand

On a rainy day. Her pleasure came from the

Photographs taken but

She puts them in the fire to stop the pain. Her teardrops fall like dominoes.


Darting movements across the floor.

All love to see you jive and boogie.

Next to you is your partner. The

Congo drums in the distance. Let the

Electricity in the room never stop. You both dance the

salsa like a pro. What a show stopper.