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Single for Life


No baby no honey

doesn't mean I'm lonely

I've never felt empty

my life's not a pity

I'm your all-time best friend

you can always depend

forever the bridesmaid

who will never get laid

Your favorite auntie

who can be your nanny

come let's enjoy a book

I can dance take a look

I know Stevie Wonder

even Justin Bieber

I love The Godfather

even more Black Panther

I am not tech-savvy

yet I ace History

yes I am a boomer

because you're born later

spinster I have been known

I am all on my own

I have lived all alone

till I die I'm alone

Now my time has dwindled

and I am all wrinkled

don't feel sorry for me

there's no reason to be

I have loved and been loved

I have cried and have laughed

I've lived to the fullest

I did only my best

for all of you out there

I am happy to share

I was never bitter

I am happy as ever

© 2021 Harriet Dionela