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Single and Seriously Searching #4

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


She agreed to that, and that was how they started moving together greeting his visitors.

Many of the visitors who saw them together were happy and said to themselves so, his wife is

In his village, little wonder he does not have time for other ladies where he is living. This

Lady too is charming, beautiful, and accommodating the people continue to say, they are

Perfect match for each other. She pretended as if she is not hearing what people were saying

About their movement together as they continued to welcome the people. When the program

Was over and the people left for their places, they talked at length and then they

Exchanged their numbers and addresses, and that was how they reignite their old friendship.

Her grandfather was also happy that she could be associated with him and was praying within

His mind that this relationship becomes consummated in marriage for them. they left the

Island together in the vehicle of the man because she did not come to the island with her own

Vehicle, she says, she cannot drive long and prefers taking commercial transport to the area.

While returning to the Island they are living, she asks him to let them see her cousin who

Has taken her out of their island and greet her before she leaves. When they got to the

Woman, she was happy to see them together and had called her aside to know if he is her

Spouse. She replied her that she cannot answer that for certain now and explained the

Details of things to her, telling her that time will tell. The woman told her that in your eyes I

See love there, and I can read him that he also has deep feeling for you, the feeling is beyond

Being mere friendship. Time will tell, she replied her again as they returned to where the

Man was sited and decide to take their leave. It has been dark by the time they get to their

Island and he drives him straight to her house before going to his house. She keeps calling his

Number after leaving her to know if he has arrived his home. And when he arrives his

House, as he was opening his door, his phone rang again and it was her, he told her that

He is about to open his doors and she was happy. The following day, it was his phone that

Woke her up, for she did not go to work because she still has about 3 more days before

Her leave of absence would be over. He asks if he could come and pick her to his place as

He will also not be going to office that day. She consented and he drove to her place picked

Let It Go from Disney's FROZEN

Her to his place where they had nice moments together. Then asks him of his wife and

He told her that she is yet to be married and hopes he will be married soon. He also asks

Her of her spouse and her response was she is still single and seriously searching. His

Response was that “our numbers are divisible then”, you are single and I am yet searching

If you would not mind my utterance. She agreed but would tell him that it has been decades

That they had separated, and people change any time, that she will want to give this some

Time for she would not want to do something that would boomerang and would regret

Doing in the future. Neither do I the man replied, but I want to tell you that though we were

Children when we were very good friends, but if you have ever had a picture of me before, I

I have not deviated from those good paths, and if for anything now, I have improved on

Those now, having more understanding about life than when we were children. The same

Applies to me, she replies him, yet I still want us to allow this to play out a little while longer

She replied him. Okay, if that is how you want it, I have no objections, and that was how

They started dating. At the expiration of the sixth month, they got married to each other,

Albeit in an incredibly low key way contrary to what the people think would happen, for

People think the wedding would be a flamboyant one, but he decides against this, not

Because there is no money, but for that is how they wanted it. Albeit the friends and relatives

Of the couple have collected money from them and they had marked the wedding at different

Places within the republic. They will travel out of their republic for an island to spend

Their honey moon there.


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