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Single and Seriously Searching #3

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Her grandfather asks to know why she does not think he could be the one and she replied

That she believes the power his father wield was much and he will want to hand over the

Power to his only son, that was why she never dreamt he could be the one and has been

Thinking that the name just resemble his’. His grandfather told her that he is the one, and

His father has told him that he does not want him to inherit his power because the people of

The island did him much evil, and assuming he has be learned he has said to him once that

He would have left the island for another and leave the people to continue in their evil.

Thence when he grew up he had commanded him to leave the island for the island that was

Surrounded by rivers, oceans, and other countries for according to him he will quickly make

It there. And his son has not argued with him and had left. Years after he left that was

When we started hearing of him that he has been breaking forth in the island, and soon its

Fame is no longer a rumor as we hear musicians singing to praise him in their albums.

That is good to know she told her grandfather. His grandfather called her cousin and

Introduce her to her. She was the one who took her around the town. She will tell her

Grandfather later that what they were saying that it was gods that were angry with the

Island that struck her parents dead about 27 years ago was not true, that she has

Discovered that what happened to them then was epidemic outbreak in the island, and

Assuming she was not taken away by her cousin, she may have lost her life too, because

The epidemic was yet to be over then. Her grandfather told her that she must be correct

Because many of the people who were not in their farmland that year suffered from the

Epidemic and those who did not die, suffered some deformities, he replied her. In the

Meanwhile the preparation for the burial of the man has been on going, and she is

Being taken around the island by her cousin. One day as they were moving around, her

Cousin would tell her that she does not think that the man’s son is married before his

Father’s demise. She cannot really ascertain that, but she knows if he has been married

People within the town would have known. She replied her that during the burial they shall

Know, because his wife would at least come to the burial if he is married and if yet to be

Married, her fiancée would surface there. That was how the matter rested, albeit in her

Mind she has been perusing the word and thinking that if he is yet single this is an avenue

For her to launch herself back into his life, after all they had been very close during their

Childhood days, she has remembered during the end of the year program in which she

Acted as wife while he was her husband in the children’s play presented to the parents,

Guardians and the people of the island before the school closes that year. May be the play

Of yesteryear would come to pass, who knows. Prior the day that the people from his

Work place would come for the final burial ceremony of his father, the island has been

Filled with people. It has been said that he is the one who have built a hotel in the island

[HD] Sing - Shake it off (Remix) - Günther and Rosita

That was done about 12 months ago people say, that hotel has been booked and filled

Up with visitors from all over the republic, while those who could not get space in the hotel

Has gone to nearby island to lodge there. His business companions have been arriving from

44. Outside the country to felicitate with him that he outlived his father. The island has been

Agog, as different activities have been set up for the day. Yet she did not go to his place, she

Says she wants it to be a surprise to him for she has taken two weeks off from her work place

45. To attend the burial of a close relative and she has been granted by the authorities. On the

Day of the burial ceremony, the people of the island says, they have never experienced such

A population in the island since the inception of the island according to history

And according to the elder people among them, such has never happened it is the first

Of its kind, which indubitably confirms that his son has really made it big in the island.

People of different races and culture all came around to felicitate with him. It was during

This period that she reveals herself unto the man. He was incredibly happy to see her, and

Asks her how she heard of his father’s demise and she told her that she heard about it in the

Social media, and having been a while that she visits the area last, and because since the

The time she has left the island, she has not come around, she thinks she needs to use

A stone to kill two birds, and that is how she has come. He asks of when she has been

Around the island and she told her she has been around for about 6 days now, playing

With her grandparents. He was not happy to hear that, telling her that she should have

Come to him at least to greet him and may be he would have used her for one or two things

She apologized for not doing that, telling him that she wants it to be a surprise to him. He

Agreed that it is a surprise indeed, but he would have loved it assuming she comes around

Then, but that notwithstanding as he told her that she must be by his side 24 hours as she has

Come around now.


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