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Single and Seriously Searching #2

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Single ladies, Debby & Dorcas

Single ladies, Debby & Dorcas

It was after he returned to the island that he is living that things started changing for him

And the changes was rapid ones, which was surprising to him. Many people would come to

Him that he should show them the way he took for those changes to happen, all he used to

Tell was that he did not know. When his father died, he was followed to his island by

Crème-de-la-crème in the society, and he really spend and becomes spent for the burial of his

Father. During the burial festivities in the island, he meets with a childhood friend of his

Who is a lady. They had been exceptionally good friends when they were attending

Primary school in the island. The lady’s parents had died mysteriously and it has been

Attached to the gods being angry with the village then. After the burial of the girl’s

Parents she was taken by her late mother’s sister to her place, because her mother was

Not a native of that island, her island was about 300 kilometers from her husband’s island.

After her mum’s death, her cousin took her to her place to be taken care of her and it was

There she completed her primary education and sponsored her to High School. When

She finished this, she told her sister that she desires to be a nurse, but there was no accredited

Nursing school around their area and she was sent to the island where river and seas were

Her boundaries, there she started her nursing school and she graduated. After graduation

Being one of the best graduating nurse, she secured direct employment with the government

Of the island and was working there. She has risen in this position and had gotten additional

Qualifications in her chosen field, but she has no husband. Guys were not approaching

Her, and those who had come to seek her hands of love, she eventually discovered that she

Does not like because they are not complete gentlemen. It is not that she wants Mr. Perfect

The Chipettes - Single Ladies (Official Music Video)

For she knows that there is nothing like Mr. or Miss Perfect in relationship and life, but

At least the person she will be romantically involved with should be someone who has good

Morals, who people could attest to, to be fairly okay. That is whom she wanted but those that

Came along her path did not have that kind of testimonial from people. Therefore, she

Decides that it is better to lay low and remain single than miss it martially. After this

Resolution was when this Herbalist man moves to the same island he lives, but he does not

Know that she is there, for after she has been moved away from his island, he has not

Come across her. Both of them were living in the same island without them knowing this.

However when his father died, and he advertised his father’s demise on television and radio

As well as other social media around, this lady gets to know that his father had died and

She decides to also go to the village after about 27 years that she has left the place. She is

Now 35 years old. She used to hear the singers sang praises of his name in their albums but

She does not know that he is living in the same island she lives in. When she gets to

The island, she locates her father’s place and see her grandfather who is yet alive, the man

Does not know her again and she has to introduce herself to the man and he was elated to

See her for he has been longing to see her since she has been taken off the island but

Could not see her. Now that he sees her, his joy knows no end, asking her about her

Husband and she lied to him that her hubby is in the island that she lives in, she has only

Come to the island when she heard of the demise of the herbalist on the social media

Then the old man told him briefly about the man’s son that he has also moved out of the

Island and according to what people used to say, he is now very wealthy man. She was

Amazed to hear this and would told her grandfather that she never knows this, for no

One told him about him. Although she used to hear music composed in his name but she has

Been thinking that he could not be the one, she said to her grandfather.


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