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Single and Seriously Searching #1

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

Miss Elizabeth Ogundare,

Miss Elizabeth Ogundare,

His father was the most powerful man in the island before his death. Before he died, he

Has told his son that he would want him educated he does not want him to follow his path

For the world is changing every seconds. Thence, he empowered his only son that the power

Of the enemies and those who do not want it well with him in the island would not be

Able to overpower him. Apart from this he also made some incisions in his body, the

Incisions are protective ones, he told him, and which would be currying favor to him

For he needs favor of people if he will make it in the world. After doing all the needful

For his son he sent him off the island to another island which is surrounded by seas and

Rivers, and according to people there are influx of things from other countries and continents

To the island and he believes that as people are making it there, he will also make it there

With what he has done for him because that is one of the greatest powers that his father gave

Him for protection and blessings. True to this when this young man gets to the new island,

People who he did not know started coming to him, even the rich people consult him for

Assistance in many ways, and soon enough his story changed. And he will soon become one

Of the wealthiest man in the new island. There are singers who sang to praise his name,

Advertise his company according to the culture of their island. As his fame was rising, his

Father’s health was deteriorating, and his father after battling with protracted illness which

Some considered to be prostate cancer he died. He ignored the counsel of people to be taken

To the hospital saying, he has vowed that he will never step hospital in his life, “my father

Never stepped hospital before his demise, his power was enough to protect him why won’t I

Be protected by the power of the gods, and if the gods which he has faithfuylly served for

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Eighty years cannot protect him he is ready to die to go and meet the gods in the land

Beyond he stated. When his daughters who had married in the island saw that their father did

Not yield to their counsel, they sent to his only son to come and persuade their father he also

Arrived but their father was annoyed with him for coming home to see him, telling him

That he does not want him around here at all even for the next twenty years until he makes it

Big where he lives. His son replied him that what is the benefit of making it where he lives if

He cannot come home to pay him a visit, he rather die coming to visit him than not

Coming at all. His father told him that he will never die before him, children must outlive

Their parents that is the joy of parenthood, parents whose children did not outlive them

Are not different from barren people, that is why the adage says that “one should not

Rejoice too much for given birth to children, those who should rejoice are those whose

Children outlive them”, his father enthused. He asked after his welfare, and he told him

That things are in order, that he should not worry, if it is because of going to the white

People’s houses called hospitals that he has come home he should know that he will never

Step into the place, he has lived a good life, served humanity, helped those he could help

And those he could not be of help to he has directed to those who can help them, he has

Delivered the island on several occasions through the power he inherited from the gods and

He has lived a fulfilled life according to his standard and what he wished for, if he dies now

That would be alright because the gods would happily take him to their bosom for being

A wonderful son of theirs’ while on earth defending them in all things he told his son. When

His son sees that he cannot do anything to change his mind to visit the “White Men’s

Houses” he left pressurizing him and would talk with his sisters that they should take

Good care of their parents during his last days on earth as he returned to where he has come



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