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Single Dad Limericks

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I started writing poetry on Hubpages back in 2013. Every year I share a poem a day in April.


Single Dad Limericks

There was a young father named Johnny

who noticed his children were brawny

they would help cut the wood

for winter as they should

a three year old with axe, not scrawny.

There once was a Dad who was single

who never had a chance to mingle

there is children all day

even during their play

he would bark in a constant battle.

A single father who lived alone

except for three teenagers at home

kept him up every night

their music such a fright

the whole time still mingling on their phone.

He could change with proper persuasion

a father for every occasion

whether sporting events

or soccer mom tents

where he stood sadly out of fashion.

He’d fart a concerto in minor

towards the direction of each whiner

he loved smelly farts

then playing darts

as he stunk up his old recliner.

© 2020 Jamie Lee Hamann

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