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Singing Dad's Song

I write as a hobby. Feedback is appreciated regardless of support or criticism.

Singing Dad's Song

I said goodbye that summer day,

Then I watched you go away,

As the sun shone brightly in the dark,

I paused and thought of all you were,

As tears made all I saw a blur,

And I wondered where you left your mark

Where would I be if I had,

To call another person dad?

Would I still have my point of view?

What would I know? What would I be?

Would I not recognize this me,

If not for the man I knew?

When it came to things in life,

Asking about jobs, what to need in a wife,

You always made the time to be around,

And when I strummed so out of tune,

From morning sun to night time moon,

You never once said to turn it down

I now know what my kids will see,

When, years from now, they think of me,

You taught me well and I pass that along,

Your words are now gifts,

To music that lifts,

I'm forever blessed to sing your song,

And so thought I said goodbye,

Underneath that summer sky,

But, like the backdrop that was that very day,

You will always be a part,

Of the song that plays inside my heart,

And I see now that you never went away

Dominic Gerace

© 2022 Nick Gerace

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