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Sing to me a Lullaby

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.


Sing to me, baby.

Sing to me a

lullaby. No, not

that one. I’ve

heard that one before. Sing to me a

lullaby of your own creation. Sing to me

in the special way that only you can. Sing to me

with that wondrous voice. A voice that makes

angels jealous. A voice that

makes the summer-y sounds of the

songbirds seem


Serenade me

with that voice and

melt my worries away, and

allow me to find


Your voice is everything.

Hum to me chords that

have yet to exist. Bring me notes that

advanced musicians can hardly

reach. Grace my ears with the sounds akin

to a holy harp, enchanted by

the same magic in which He made

beauty. And the words! Oh,

the words! With your elegant

pronunciations, tell me about

the birth of time, and

the end of days. Tell me

how people are innately good, and

how we massacre pure children. Tell me your

vivid dreams and your

haunting nightmares. Tell me,

in another world,

we fly off into the sun, while

our wings refuse to burn. Tell me,

in another world,

we realize all of our hopes, and

cease the pursuit of happiness. Tell me,

in another world,

we defeat time, live for

infinity, and

create our own Garden. Promise me that

everything will be alright, and that you

love me for the final time. Sing to me a

lullaby and

promise me that there’s something


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