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Since a Young Age

I wrote this right after I graduated from high school. I wrote this to vent my mind, but it's a little summary of how life has been for me a


Never had a normal life,
Many times I tried to end it with a knife,
Contemplating life and death within my head,
Thoughts of suicide while i lay in my bed,
Thoughts of my childhood and the hate it had,
I remember when mom was crying from the beatings from step dad,
While I sit in my room and just listen and cry,
What else could i do? I just wanted to die,
Brother was hurting from his own father,
This family is so fucked up, why even bother?
Mom is depressed and cant sit still,
She tries to calm herself with yet another pill,
My father is non existent,
Our relationship, he pissed in it,
About my feelings and my well being he didnt care,
Because in my life he was never there,
This is just a little bit of how i have been feeling,
All these memories while i stare into the ceiling,
Though my childhood was long ago,
I still contemplate on these things; they still hurt me though,
I try for love and peace everyday,
But sometimes these demons control what i think and say,
Dont be scared for this poem i wrote,
Though it is dark, it is not time to write my suicide note.
-Tommy Hall

© 2018 Tommy Hall