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Simplifying Needs for the Present and the Future

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Once upon a time, as every story began

There were vastly in-depth plans of how to live

And conquer the world with a ravenous ease

Desire to do that taken away by time and circumstance

Older and somewhat wiser in moments of impulse

Still overly analytical when it comes to trivial matters

Emotional and rational flights of fancy that colored everything

Why spending so much time on subjects that don't wash

When others simply erase people and places from view

Wish that this could be done on my end at some point in time

Would make the day to day happenings a lot easier to pass by

Wondered why such pointless sights became most bothersome

When a small act of a random overture didn't have a motive

Watching too many soap operas and crime shows

No great plan to be had by anyone important

Realized that sometimes there is no great mystery

The simplest answer always most logical in the end

Occasionally contained a few bitter truths in the mix

Hard to swallow and handle without a lot of patience

Need copious amounts of water and a breather to swallow this

Decided to not do anything rash to give anyone power

Embracing the healing properties of ginger snaps and cat videos

Laughing at Deliciousness food fails to escape reality

Pulling back from certain feelings since that door is padlocked shut

Heart on the mend after too many rounds on the rollercoaster

Thunderstruck that some people don't have foresight on their end

Learning to allow time to wash away all past thoughts

No longer the people to bend over backwards for the ungrateful

Thought kindness was a blessing and not a curse

Draw Bridge alarm system on and guards loaded for battle

Prepared to look beyond the horizon and focus on what's ahead

Future seemed so uncertain; only know what I don't want

A need to not go backwards again

Tried that and nothing good came of it.

Ready to close the bridge for a while.

Ready to close the bridge for a while.

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