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Simple Ways Simple Days

We Both work Steady Jobs

That gives us enough money

To have a home we can call our own

From the time we walk through the door

You can feel the peace and quiet

Before we sit down to eat

I prepare a table for two

My wife cooks the Kielbasa and corn on the cob

Just my wife and I

Talking around the kitchen table

Sharing stories about our day

The craziness and the stress

Between our co-workers and the customers

Each has it's challenges

We can't decide which is worse

We are able to clear the air

Then put it behind us

Until tomorrow we face new issues and dilemma's

It keeps us loving home even more

Me unwinding to an interesting book

I hold in my hand

Reading the each printed page

I am in my comfort zone

While my wife

Loves her cooking shows on t.v.

Both of us relaxing in our own ways

Patting our cat Charlotte

Until she drifts off to a sound sleep

We both our looking forward to a special treat

A dessert my wife made

Light and airy with a touch of sweet

Thinking about the life we live

Enjoying our time together

Until we wrap up our day

Off to bed we go

My wife wants sleep

I want to play

Either way it is a beautiful end

To a very fulfilling day

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