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Simple Explanations

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Once thought that a brighter horizon was close at hand

Only to be surprised of a few strong dark clouds gathering

Learning to embrace the impact of a new unnatural storm

Taking shelter and allowing Mother Nature a chance

To begin reeking her personal havoc on surroundings

Waiting for the dust to settle to clean up another muddy mess

Hard to believe after one trying year for everyone

Another one brought on some more troubling scenarios

Thought that some darkness would be lifted

Well, it has somewhat to reveal humanity's dark underbelly

Exposing the disgusting thoughts and habits

Kept under obvious wraps for far too long

A lot crimes committed against everyone who was different

Disgusted how hate seemed to be taking over

Wished this stereotypical and inhumane behavior

Would go away and be banished forever

Eradicated so that everyone would respect their neighbors

No need to hold everyone's hand; since this is a pandemic still

Realized that it would take a lot work and patience

So far this narrator has little title for the latter

For such a long and tenuous project

Took a step back to make efforts on a more specific scale

Focused on making the world a more understanding place

At least through their point of view

All that can be realistically done for now

Practicing some level of empathy and self education

Exploring different culture and viewpoints

Sounded a tad childish and naïve to do so

Figured the only way to cure stereotypical thinking

Would be to see things from another perspective

Learned somewhat from various documentaries

That America and the world at large has a long way to go

Not focused on curing the systemic within

Don't misunderstand; was never a problematic thinker

Always respected the viewpoints of others

If mistakes made, always apologized in the end

Just decided to further instill those lessons

Never forgetting the art of respecting everyone

Difficult for those who don't respect themselves first and foremost

Have to start from within before going outward

A sad but truer sentiment than many would believe.

Helping others starts with one simple gesture.

Helping others starts with one simple gesture.