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Similarities: A Poem

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

You were twins

Way too similar to not be

You both styled your hair the same

Dark hair with two blonde strands in the front

A common style

So I had let it slide

You both adored the same app on your phone

A popular app

And yours wasn’t an addiction

So I had let it slide

You both had an aversion to dairy


Hers was a choice

And yours was a necessity


It had opened old wounds

All the same

But I had let it slide

We moved so fast

Too fast

Like I did with her

But you didn’t mind

So I had let it slide

We bonded over the same artist

Like I did with her

But he produced good music

So I had let it slide

Just like her

Anxiety was your closest friend

But she also has me on speed dial

So again

I had let it slide

But what had killed me

The one thing I couldn’t let slide

Was your eyes

They were the exact same eyes

Eyes that shot fear through my entire body

Eyes that looked deep into your soul

Eyes that spoke words of the purest


And I knew

Deep down


I would never


Be able to reciprocate that love

But unlike with her

I refuse to fake it

I refuse to lead you on

I refuse to hurt you

Like I did her

My biggest mistake


I’m better because I lost her

But I refuse

To lose


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