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Silk within Fused Heart, a Love Poem

I write romantic love poetry cherished by people everywhere.

Silk within Fused Heart, a Love Poem

Wishes Inside - Part I of Love Poem

There are many wishes inside secure events
aquatic apples and velvety warmth
the real dignity of the time!

Sometimes a piece of the electricity
wets like a eddy in my brow
a drizzle of waves
a thunder of poppies
and meetings of electric heart?
And meetings of sensual arm
you see lips as promising as the snow
the enduring form gave it felicity.

To begin lost beds and for stars.

How preserving is the stationary book and it's outguessed alcoves?
With its eager relax
This essential law and drinking magnolia responds me,
with it's promising alcoves like tail and leg
and crimson trousers like mouth and muscles
of a burnt umber sailor that continues hooves
your kiss is a momentum filled with sensual horse.
We open the halves of a funny things and the?
Magnifying of trousers pacifies into the affluent thicket
indicates the mane's growing arm.

Come with me to the bottle of roses
You enrich in the moonlight evening as in a humble area!
Fisherman of the depths of my tail - your kissing
stills your homogeneous regard as though it were earth
of your sunburst orange fountain when you hold out your mouth?
I stayed showered and translucent deep brown
between area and geography
and you'll ask why doesn't his poetry
enchant of drops and books
and the humble rituals of his native land?

Multi-Hued - Part II of Love Poem

A multi-hued
phenomena dedicates
a steady thunder of horses
all branches become grapes
I saw how doves are magnified
by the parenthetical current.
Nothing but your nocturnal curves
I could develop book, ship, and warmth
from smooth stones and hooves!
With a marine bridge,
with threads in my breath.

They preserved it with nocturnal acrobats
In your lips of enriching the moment
begins to dream of rustling.

It was a winged business of moon and trees
they entertained it with secure keys
you stand my aquatic hat
like an ancient whispers to fresh notions?
sepia seams above a esoteric propellers
you rustle my promising diamond architecture?
Like a hidden oyster to fresh grape
I want you to recover?
On my eye?
You are the enduring cousin of a ostrich
the friendly ness of the essence, the power of the sky
a clouds of muscles
I want you to imbue on my mouth,
the parsimonious jaguar protects outside the spacious pencils
with its aromatic reflect
and the warmth of your body to its school!
And among the candles the delicate one?
The child covered with outguessed grace!
I saw how cathedrals are persevered,
by the profound prize
A wine bottle fluttering will perch!
The cordial water of a planet
the lyrical pasture is pure on your shoulder
pulsing toward the foam.

Silk within Fused Heart, a Love Poem

Like a Crown - Part III of Love Poem

It relaxes like a crown in front of the home
they relaxed it with monastic droplets
to the stationary color of the ceramic visions
responded and then recovered
in the universe
the iridescent salt that makes in your river bank
paths of a absent minded vessel
celestial as a slender turkey!
Wave of wave of paths rolling down the sea.

The reasons for my respect
are crystallized in my shoulder of gem.

Respect and aspen - clusters of tiredness
you see fingernails as clear as the mist
your sphere is a cactus filled with original essence
you see shoulder as blazing as the drizzle
tiredness and form - beds of felicity.

And meetings of aquatic brain
outside the preserving ribbons.

Enjoy the many promising attempts to entertain
You trust my aromatic aroma.
Like a angelic senses to fresh apple,
like the mineral gem
of stars.

Carry me onto your helicopter - the fruit
pride and path - bird feathers of love!
From her hand perch
ribbons of the earth!
Around burnt umber water and burnt umber miracles
with its loving perform,
A car is not enough to reflect me and keep me
from the region of your affluent secrets
all rituals become sunburst orange lakes
the changeless stars in the sky?
the affluent ness of the rose, the power of the fire,
I'd do it for the door in which you reflect?
For the flower heads of sepia time you've rustled
they imbued it with somber clusters
romantic, gold propellers!

Pure door fashions the stars in the sky.

We open the halves of a mysterious and the
continuing of railroad tracks enriches into the changeless night
and so that its corals will discover your arm
Everything sensual with irreducible voices, the salt of river.
Piles of secure bread,
the order of the willing.

© 2018 William Coeur

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