Silent Introspection

Updated on April 6, 2020


As the night gets deeper, a troubled soul often finds space for introspection. Tormenting emotions may gush out to the extent that everything, even a cup of coffee in hand, may seem bitter. But in the end, life goes on in it's own rhythm, and we are forced to set out wearing a happy mask.

Silent Introspection

Sitting and staring, wide awake,
Listening to inner voices.
Focusing on the life at stake,
and figuring out the choices.

Chaos is the storm inside, muddled and confused.
Fighting out the dementors, the soul has refused.
Vanity and sanity,
All set for doom!
Pondering in retrospect,
With my coffee full of gloom.

Noises are the sounds around, though music for the rest.
Willing to be calm and poised, but often put to test.
Memories come back in flashes,
Best not to exhume.
Lost in my thoughts once more,
With my coffee full of gloom.

Day light has peeked and said, lovely is the time,
A gush of wind blows my hair and also rings the chime.
Getting me all startled, making me assume,
It's gonna be a good morning!
As a reflection smiles back at me,
from my coffee full of gloom.

Farah N Huq

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    © 2020 Farah N Huq



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      • Farah N Huq profile imageAUTHOR

        Farah N Huq 

        7 weeks ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

        Thank you so much for your appreciation, Natasha. Stay blessed!

      • profile image

        Natasha Tungare 

        7 weeks ago

        Such a beautiful poetry!! It felt!

      • Farah N Huq profile imageAUTHOR

        Farah N Huq 

        7 weeks ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

        Coffee is the magical potion that brings out the poetess inside me, specially, during my night shifts at the hospital when it's much needed to stay awake. Good to know you love coffee too! Things are starting to take a bad turn in my country as well, but it's still not as bad as USA or Italy. Worried! Let's pray that this Covid-19 pandemic dies out before it creates any further mess. Thank you so much for your supportive feedback, Lorna. Means a lot to be motivated in such a positive way. Stay safe and stay blessed! Let's pray for the world.

      • Lorna Lamon profile image

        Lorna Lamon 

        7 weeks ago

        Now having to work from home I am finding the time to reflect, usually over a cup of coffee. I love the last verse where you shake off the gloom and face the day full of hope. Your rhyming skills are excellent. Keep well and take care.

      • Farah N Huq profile imageAUTHOR

        Farah N Huq 

        7 weeks ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

        Thank you so much, John, for such an encouraging feedback. I did actually call it "My Coffee Full of Gloom" :) but later I changed that because it felt like the coffee, in someways, is stealing the focus from the gloomy mood that I wanted to capture. But now that you've suggested it, I am wondering if it needed the change at all :) Will surely give it a thought. Thank you for your prompt and constructive opinion. Stay blessed! :)

      • Jodah profile image

        John Hansen 

        7 weeks ago from Queensland Australia

        This is an excellent poem, Farah. I love the cadence and rhyme scheme and it makes one ponder. “Silent Introspection” is an apt title though I would have been tempted to call it “My Coffee Full of Gloom.” Well done.


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