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Silent in November: A Poem

Halley loves to write and wants to convey messages through his simple writings.

Silent In November

Silent In November

Silent in November

Stand up among the many
But it was wrongly appointed
Sit around together
But stand alone
Lie down with a dream in the future
Then sleep erased tomorrow differently.

Where are the other eleven
When heavy rain greets
On roofs that make loud noises stomach problems

Where are the other eleven
When the wind hits itself with confidence
On the newly developed main tree, it almost collapsed.
Where are the other eleven
When the end of the problem changes the face to be a wolf
On a sheep who wants to find food

Actually this November is similar
But he was alone
Submitting frustration, because of the demand for achievement by asking for a million alibis.

Actually November is still in the same place
Stay the same way
Stay the same way
Because you want to be together
Until the end of the story becomes Beautiful.

© 2018 Halley Kawistoro

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