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The Hunter Who Hunts Birds At Night

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Denise is a communication student, a poet and a book lover. She enjoys watching documentaries and film.

Like an ordinary day it was

the sky is but ordinary, the trees danced with the breeze of the air

Morning flowers bloom as sun rises, greeting the old and young's morning

Seemed nothing but an ordinary day it was

But little Jamie seems to feel something is missing that morning

What could it be? what could be missing?

The night before, she heard a gun shot from the woods

and the birds in the trees flock and flee to survive

Why would the bird's hunter strikes at night when there is nothing but darkness?

when the owl is awake, yet some birds rests in their nests

Why would he fire a gun in a the serene woods, when everyone is asleep?

Little did they know, he was more than a hunter who hunts at night

He did not fire a gun at the birds, to hunt and exploit it

He shot the birds he can't control, buried them and kept them in silent and in agony

And that seemingly ordinary morning, the birds can no longer be heard

Some were killed in an instant, some buried alive...

and some were too afraid to utter little noise and flee far from where the hunter stays

That morning, Jamie found out that what's missing is the birds daily hymn,

Hymn that speaks of how well and bad will the day turn out

The following day, a huge storm strikes

Flooding the village, left people with nothing because they were not able to prepare for it

A mother cried because she has lost a son

A man has lost his wife

A dog lost his owner and everyone seemed to feel lost as they see the wreck of their houses after the storm

Because the birds became silent, the world turned silent but it was all chaos

It's silent yet not at peace because the birds' hymn guides and teaches people to watch and observe the coming of a storm

And this is what the hunter that hunts at night truly wants,

to keep people from knowing what might come their way


Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. It is one of the basic rights of an individual person. Why do authoritarian leaders are so afraid of media that it is the first thing they try to close down? What power does speech and the media holds that authoritarian leaders seek an end with?

Speech and media's power to change and shape people's mind is so powerful. Thus, authoritarian leaders try to limit this influence. Some would control the media and closes down those media outlets and stations that they have no control over.

Why do the world is chaotic when the media dies down? It is because media provides us information, checks and balances the government control. They inform the people the truth and prevents people to make decision potentially harmful for them and for the country. They emphasize what people needs to be seen and heard. They points and criticizes what needs to be improved or changed.

Why do we have to be wary when the media is silenced? That's because it only means that the nation is in great danger and propagandist movements of authoritarian and/ or dictator leaders may use to instill their influence. If without media, they can propagate their evil plots and obtain the influence they want to eventually control the people and in all aspects of life. We've witnessed quite a number of that in many countries, including mine - Philippines. History has witnessed how dangerous it can become if a dictator holds so much power and controls and kills the media that criticizes him/ her.

Thus, as we people have power too, let us fight alongside our media and journalists for genuine freedom of speech and if we do have the power to elect leaders, vote for those who have genuine and pure intentions for the betterment of your nation or state. Vote for those who values freedom of speech and protects them at all cost.

Let us all forward to a future where the birds are not silent and rather noisy, singing hymns of what an ordinary life should be. Let us not become the hunter of birds that hunts at night and buries the truth of life within the silent woods.

When the bird becomes silent, the world is silent but not at peace.

© 2021 Dens Yang