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Silence in the Eloquence of Words. Saturday's Inspiration 31 to Brenda Arledge

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Wise words from the Master

“My Heart is burning with Love,

All can see this flame;

My Heart is pulsing with passion,

Like waves on an ocean.” – Maulana Jalal ‘Uddin Mohammed Rumi


A look at poetry

We are souls and as such poetry is the Light of the soul, expressing itself in myriad forms, in and through creation. This is unique for each soul, according to its growth and development. A man whose thoughts are sublime and lofty, will usually write for the Heart of a seeker, just as the depressed and troubled soul, will address the things of despair.

The romantic poet may paint pictures on the canvas of life … of holding hands, dreams, heartbreaks and unrequited love and the aesthetic will add gracefulness, beauty and the wonders of nature. As such we utilize the senses, the abstract as well as the visual, portraying words in multiple ways to address our need for healing, service, light … more light.

Poetry is the invisible, manifesting itself through the visible; the formless utilizing and expressing itself in and through the form, in order to create magic … empowerment for all.

Words are incredibly impactful and has been known to serve as catalyst for saving lives. They express the varying moods of the soul and as such there’s usually something in it for everyone. This may be through themes such as graffiti art, other paintings, nature and social injustice, architecture and human forms, acts of God and many more.

God is the Absolute Silence and it has been said by God-souls, that the Supreme Reality, can only be expressed in Silence. There is an Existence, Consciousness … Bliss, which cannot be explained. Yet we need words and the great Seers and Rishis themselves have used words continually.


More about words and their impact

The great spiritual teacher Nisagadatta once told his disciples that words are not necessary. “But Master,” said a disciple. “Why do you use words?” “Only to take you to the point,” replied the Master, where you come to realize that words are not necessary.”

In poetry circles, we sometimes speak of the way that words affect an audience. There is the traditional cheers and clapping of course. There are the ‘clicking’ of fingers, the odd ‘Jesus Christ!’ or ‘Wow! … the impact of silence when the piece is truly touching and special. There’s also the unusual.

A woman came up to me after a performance once and asked if it was my poem. I said, “Yes.” She responded that she had no plans to return, but that after hearing me, she would definitely come the following week.

A young man once ran all the way from the back row and kissed my cheeks. He was in love with a poem that I had done about the plight of refugees. At another time, the Emcee asked the crowd to repeat, after the count of three: We are healed!” So profound was the effect of my words upon him! Needless to say, they all responded to his appeal.

Finally, I did a poem for black history month and finished by singing a stanza from Amazing Grace. One guy started singing with me, then another and … and so pretty soon everyone was up, giving me a standing ovation.


Some ways we receive words

Words are heard by the mind, but the best poetry is also heard in the Heart, hence the title of this piece. There they take shape like seeds, grow and manifest in silence in the seeker, at an opportune or appropriate moment, blooming and blossoming to new life.

There’s silence in the eloquence of words, as they can sometimes come directly from the soul. As such, they inspire, elevate, awaken and illumine the soul, receptive to their Light … their music.

I generally receive words or sentences in sleep as well as wakefulness, meditations and books, in nature around me, scriptures and poets, as well as an evolving Consciousness or Spirit.

Most words have already been said, but the esoteric or meta-physical poet, puts them in a creative, magical and new way. Love is always in motion, ever-progressive and self-transcending. So too, are words, filled with the stillness of the unknowable.

“A man is truly free, even here in the embodied state,

So long as he knows that God is the true Agent … that

He, by himself, is powerless to do anything.” -The great visionary-Seer, Sri Ramakrishna.

The great soul Swami Vivekananda


Your Sweet Glimmer or Tender Smile, Setting my Soul on Fire

Drifting on the shadowy threads of my memory,

Past grudges fade away like clouds, making way

For the radiant sun. The Light of my Beloved

Shines brightly, burning the strands of adversity.

The redbreast sends me feathers; so I grow wings,

Soaring on the crest of infinitude. I’m bemused by the

Shimmer of stars, laughing and dancing with moonlight;

I flirt with Love, on the immaculate folds of Your locks.

Come! You that open the doors of my Heart,

Filling me up with the bliss of Silence, come!

My Path was long and the tears have been many;

Yet in the hollow of life, I felt Your breath.

Chanting the songs of Your victory. I beat on the

Drums of Jerusalem. Soaring ‘cross the lap of ancient

Stories, I toast past regrets and celebrate life, drinking

The wine of perennial freedom.

It sometimes happen, that the pale moon sparkles;

The shooting stars waltz in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Then I think of the gaze which melts my core ---Your sweet

Glimmering, tender smile, setting my soul on fire.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 17th June, 2020.

Poem by Hafiz, the great Seer

Poetry and writing

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