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Silence in a Crowd

The author wants to accept the fact that death is a natural phenomenon for whoever has come to life.


There it was the crowd

waiting for me to cremate my mom

And I was a child hoping to not get lost

he couldn't help

but hear the melody

at first, everything just stopped in time

sand frozen in air

just like the tears that my eye held

My hands just couldn't move

All I heard was silence

The crowd was frozen too

someone just lost a wife

while someone lost their daughter

some were crying for the loss

while some reciprocated the very emotion

I felt numb

as if there was nothing I could do anymore

Then I heard it

the silence that sang

" monster don't come tonight

my child needs a good night slumber,

Mrs don't come tonight

my child needs a peaceful slumber"

It was her

my mum,

I held one hand close to her photo

and laid another on the ground

And closed my eyes,

when she finished I opened my eyes

to a thousand pair of them staring at me

brought back to the harsh reality

But a smile on my teary face,

I let go of the picture in my hand

and leave the place

with a numbness again.

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