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Silence Can Be Heard

Hemdan is an academic researcher at Helwan University-Egypt

Stronger than speech

I am silent when words need to be letters other than those we used.

When speech needs other words than that I heard and a deeper meaning than I can reach.

I am silent because silence is the only solution.

It is the cave that I escape from the hustle and bustle of the noise.

I am silent to leave the siege of the language .. And I repeat the restrictions of pronunciation.

And I went to the areas of silence wide,Where no limits and no restrictions.

The word is a step to an unknown, I do not want to go to it .

I was silent because the truth has become like a myth .

I can not believe it .. I can not rely on it .

I am deaf because silence is a language that contains all languages ​​,Communicates horizons and distances.

The barriers of separation are broken. I do what I want ... and I get angry .. I miss you .. I wake up .. and I cry .. And you also smile .. As I want ... A step into darkness that deprives my eyes of the brightness of life.

She answered me

Do not keep silent, but look for new dictionaries.

Words form us intellectually and words that you have not heard yet.

You are one of its makers, not silence.

The only solution is because you have used negative metaphor, always innovate, rebel and be responsible.

Responsible speech does not lead us to an unknown.

All your feelings can not be stripped of this effective reality.

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