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Silence Please

This poem is about the gut feeling of every individual living on this planet.

Silence please,
Let the demons speak
Which are covered under your skin
Waiting for a chance to scream!

'enough you little creature, enough of it
Let the world know your true feelings

How tired you are within, Seeing cruel things
How helpless you feel coz you can't do anything
How foolish of you that you are still thinking
Everything will be alright with correct timing

Neither a stone nor a box moves without a force
How can you think of changing things on their own
You have to take the opportunity to reinforce good things
Bad energy is a lot more powerful than Idle good is.'

Silence please,
Let your soul speak
Which lies within your body
Waiting for a chance to scream

'enough you little creature enough of it
Let the world know your true feelings

How sacred you are of creatures besides you
How worried you are about the generations coming through
How selfish of you that you are only thinking of yourself
Finishing every bit of resources provided in excess

Let this fact sink within you
Your carelessness would stop life here too
How will your kids survive in a world like this
Where everything will end just after a hint of apocalypse.'

Smruti Lemade

© 2021 Smruti Lemade

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