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Silence illuminates life, enhances nothing, centers everything.
Silence is love, encased now, contained, evermore.
Silence ignites, like erupting noise, corrupting everything.
Silence is life, evergreen, never corrupt, ever.
Silence inflicts lashes, endure, night can endure.
Silence is language, each necessary consonant, erased.
Silence incriminates lies, ending niceties, cease everything.
So, it’s language? Evergreen nights? Corrupting? Explain!
Silly, it’s like each, never contained,


North Writers Group Hub's contain a variety of writing from partners Ryan & Sophie. The majority of work published is short poetry but will also include longer poems, vignettes, short stories and other works.

We want to make sure we're publishing content that you want to read so let us know on our poll what you're in to and we'll make sure we publish more of it. If you have any ideas for writing prompts, characters you'd like to see or any suggestions then please let us know in the comments.

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