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Sight of an Angel - Valentine’s Day Romantic Poetry

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


‘Twas the sight of an angel...

None other could compare
For she was his everything;
Complex in her simplicity
Irresistible and yet humble;
And oft found himself amazed
While each forever day passed
He supposed and pondered
Admiring her perfection

‘Tis beauty must be

Her fluttering eyes sparkled
With light so pure and so radiant
As if a thousand galaxies
Suddenly appeared on the horizon
His everything, happily lost
In the oceans of blues and greens
Mysteries deliciously revealed
Much to his delight

‘Twere his joy but enough

Time offered a brief surrender
Countless hours held steady
Captivated by her smile
Soft cheekbones rising
Every detail exquisite
He captured each as memory
Each second a lifetime
Flawless and magnificent

‘Twould the moment be eternal

His eyes taken by a wandering
Tracing the curve of her hip
The rise of her every breath
Delicate hands with delicate fingers
Her lips glazed in sensuality
Tiny ringlets, waves and braids
Smitten he was, like none other
Softness dictating his movements

‘Aye, a vision without compare

With poise and grace
She shared her everything
Their fingers intertwined
Both surrendering single souls
Sharing mutual space
A togetherness of eternity
Perpetual motion
Two hearts beating as one

© 2018 Ralph Schwartz

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