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Shut Down

The context of things blown out of proportion
I'm being serious or just speaking up for myself
In whatever form that may be
Not seen as that
Shuts down the thought of deep conversation
Shuts down my feelings
Quiets that emotional part of me
Puts that "heart in throat" to motion
When it's this type of serious
The conversation is something more
Just get taken out of context
So far out of context
Sometimes I won't even respond
It's worth responding but it's not
So just a "I guess"
Then I go find how to cope
Like always
No one there to listen
Continuous search for stability in every aspect
Yonder for the puzzle piece that fits me
Don't know if I could say "one day" anymore honestly
The same phrases always being said
Just gonna be my phrases instead

© 2021 Riah Doll