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Shut Up and Write You Miserable Poet!

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Dramatic Poetry

Dramatic Poetry

Shut up and write something for me you miserable lad

Aren’t you a poet? Shouldn’t your words make me feel glad?

Go ahead now, stop staring at me and pen something nice

I want to see the Lilies dancing on crystal looking ice

Oh yes! I can demand you to write something special for me

After all, that is what poets do right? Write a little magic so I can believe

You talk too much, shut up and write I say!

I know your words can put life to a simple pot made of clay

So what now? You don’t remember how to write again?

So all of a sudden your fingers caught arthritis and your joints are in pain?

If you think I will let you go before you write me a poem think twice

And if you think you can to escape me easily think thrice

I need something written by you to stimulate my imagination

I know that a poet’s pen brings life similar to the story of creation

Let me see my shadow hold my hand gently and waltz with me

Let my body take flight and angels hold me up and guide me over the sea

Let the moon come down at my doorsteps and the fireflies form a halo

Put me up to sit on top of the wind and spin me like a tornado

Come now my poet, Can’t you find it in your heart to write me a poem?

I have begged you and plead until my throat have swollen

Here, you can use this special golden pen I bought just for you.

If I don’t get those words I just don’t know what to do

Stop! Stop telling me you can’t write like that under these circumstances

The gun is not loaded you nitwit, But if I didn’t have this I would have lost all my chances

Wait, wait, Stop! Don’t run away

Please stay

Just to write a poem for me, that’s all I wanted

But now you will never be a free poet, your life has just become haunted

I will hunt you and track you down like a wild beast

No matter your destination, North, South, or East

I will get my poem out of you I swear

I will be like you shadow, like your scent, when you think I am afar, I will be there.

© 2017 Clive Williams