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Circus Man Politique


Standing before his own crowd,

The self-imposing Circus-man.

His bulbous face crouched low,

In his most horrendous plan.

Every word that spews from his lips,

And this just a lie from A to Z.

Thinking that he's fooled everyone,

As he does wink incessantly.

History will so record this tragedy,

And plaguing happenstance.

Nothing ever occurs so horribly,

A country's turn just for a chance.

A step backward in our progression,

And is so plain for us all to see.

A nation once so proud and strong,

And once was a home of the free.


Everything takes place for its reasons,

And was not meant for our time to shine.

A progressive world to need our strength,

This Is a part of the Lord's grand design.

What tomorrow might bring for us all,

We each must just to wait and see.

This world must fend for itself, my friend,

Every person, we will say emphatically.

There is only one Great Provider,

Is the one who has made us all.

He made this world for every creature,

those of the great and those small.

No matter who may wish to rule us,

By whatever standards they raise.

This is the Savior that we all look to,

It is Him, we shall give all our praise.


all rights reserved and protected under copyright law 2018


© 2018 whonunuwho

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