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Showing Love by Holding Finger

Priyabrataa is a freelance writer for more than 3 years. He writes on all topics including lifestyle, food, fashion etc.


Holding your finger in love

Holding your finger, the turning point in my life
I do not want to go back there ever, nor do I want this caravan to stop
Just keep on walking like this, keep smiling, seeing you smile

I had left the box of my sorrows at the same turn
When I saw the drops of sweat slipping on your forehead falling on my palm
I saw a lot of prickly thorns in yesterday's eyes sunken with your mascara.
That's why I had forgotten the prickly thorns in my heart

Now every sun looks cloudy to me, the winds feel dry
Ever since you have come to settle in Dil's village, every evening there is a stir at the heart corner
I do not want to die in your love, just see you
The desire to live in your aspect increases

I do not know whether I am worthy of your love or not, I just know
My presence falls apart on your lips
Whenever you echo around me, the glow in my eyes remains cool in my heart
Holding your finger, the turn of life I have left, I do not want to go back there ever

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