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Showing Good Example

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Shea Butter

Shea Butter

Righteousness melts wickedness

As goodness melts evil, and as

Light makes darkness disappear

So truth silences lie, he started

Talking to his children of the need

Not to join the multitude to do evil

Come what may, irrespective of what

They may be passing through in life,

They must not join the multitude to do evil

There was once a man in the island

Who was wicked in the land, the man

Claims that he would not have been

That wicked but for the way the

Teacher who brought him up, trained

Him and others, that make his behavior

To change. That teacher was very

Wicked and ruthlessly dealing with

His students. His wickedness would

Later be robbed off the students

Character and it was discovered that

Majority of the students who passed

Through him were also very terrible

They were wicked in all their ways and

In fact some of them were called

“Demon incarnate” because of the

Level of their wickedness. However

Despite many of them being full

Of evil, there are selected few

Among those who graduated from the

Teacher who stand out. One of them

Was unique as he would never

Be harsh on people, he is gentle,

Considerate, meek, and loving to all

Who comes along his path,

Anyone who has had dealings with

Him before had always reiterated that

They love to see him and interact

With him again because of the

Treatment meted out to those

People. When any of those

Who has come across this meek man sees

How others people who have passed

Through the teacher were behaving

They always try to talk to them to change

Their ways, but they will reply that


They cannot, because that was

How their mentor brought them up

And would add that everyone who

Has passed through that teacher

That is how they use to behave. None

Of them can act otherwise they would say.

But some who have seen this unique

Man would tell them that they know a

Man who also passed through the same

Mentor as they are but who is not

Acting the way they are acting. But

Those people would not agree with them

They will tell them that they must be

Kidding and saying such a one may be

Telling them he passed through the

Teacher, but he may not have, he

May have been hearing the story about

The man and has been using the story

He heard to talk to them that he has

Been trained by the man. When the

People who were citing other person

To them discovers that those people

Cannot be convinced. They will let them be.

But one day, one of those wicked people

Saw the person in question as he was

Brought to him and he acknowledges that

The person truly passed through their

Mentor, in fact he received triple

Punishment from their mentor, than

They all had according to what their

Mentor used to say. The person

Admits that for the man to have been

Interacting with people differently showing

Compassion on people he has really

Had another mind in him, he is indeed

Different. Therefore the person says if

The man could have another mind, he

Would also strive to have a different mind

And be interacting with people normally

His wickedness melted before the

Good deeds of the man like shea-butter

Placed in the sun would melt under the sun

It is when you conquer evil with

Good that you show good example,

It is when you live above board that

You show people that you have an

Independent mind, but when you allow

Their attitudes to disrupt and change your

Ways of life, it shows you are

Weak and unreliable. The man

Conclusively said and his children

Thank him saying they shall

Continue to live by his instructions,

Living above board.


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