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Showers of Delight

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Heralding the whoops of delight

Comes the rain as a sight

For the sore eyes of the crust

Quenching the nature's thirst

Serving multiple of purposes

Thriving the withering roses

That are picked by the lovers

For the ones whom they adore

Shaking out a tang of love

In the air, within, beyond and further above

Unfurling a scent of callowness and naivety

Amidst all, be the children, the youngsters or the ones in their eighty

The aroma bears a peculiar amity

Harmonising with all the circumstances, signing a treaty

Whether be the one in love with food

Or the one falling for the beauty of the woods

Aromatizing the circumambience

Of the one in love

Or helping hide the tears

Of the one with a broken hub

The entire cosmic creatures

Indulge in deriving pleasure

Capering about in the rain

Alongwith the frisking nature


Adnan from Earth, Universe on June 21, 2019:

.................!!!!.........and all I can do is let it rain...within, beyond and further above............ Thank you for this beautiful verse....... The picture brings back memories.....makes me think that I am not an year smarter at the age of 16 than I was at the age of 6...But I still love to do that....I find peace in it....Few things that mean a lot to me.... :)

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