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Show Me the Stars, My Love

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Hello, my name is Rose. Sometimes I write things, but inspiration is a bit fickle. Feedback is welcome. Appreciate ya.


Show me the stars, my love.

Please, take me somewhere open;

With soft ryegrass and honeyed lilac,

and a sky untouched by the city lights.

Every night, my lungs fill with the glare of streetlights,

And the sounds of traffic below;

Drowning in the impossible darkness

Of a world that isn’t my own.

I am here for you, my love.

I cannot be here much longer.

I am a wild bird, after all.

And love doesn’t mean so much to birds.

This sky is too low for me to fly.

So, show me the moon.

Not as it is reflected on the office building next door,

Let me see the sky again, let me see it with you.

Show me something raw, and pure;

Untouched by the endless trample of time.

Forgive me, my love,

I thought I could do everything.

Anything at all to be at your side.

But you ask too much...

Show me the stars, my love.

Please, please, let me go.

I can feel my heart rotting within me

As all things do without sunlight.

To the wild shall this bird fly:

Back to the wind-battered moors:

Back to the ancient forests.

The redwoods are the only skyscrapers I need.

Only then will I be free again:

Awash in the glow of a million dying suns…..


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