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Show Me a Pile 0f Snow

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I Will Show You A World You Never Seen Before

The snow blower might me ten times faster

But I know something you don't know

There is an experience hidden under the snow

You will miss completely

By going way to fast

Unless you lift up a shovel made of metal or plastic

I will make many references to the same activity

So you can clearly understand

It is like having a piece of chocolate cake on your fork

The cake is soft and so fresh

Each bite is a delight

The frosting is light

Sweet but not too sweet

The cake is rich

A soft texture even more enhanced

Followed with a ice cold drink of milk

Or I nice cold scoop of ice cream

The hot and cold together

Brings out every thought of pleasure

With every forkful

Where the ice cream slowly begins to slide

Only your mouth can catch

Before it can be lost

When I am outside I lift up my shovel

Cut into the first untouched field of snow

I slowly watch the snow buckle

Lift up and break free from the rest of the snow

Then as it slides up on the slipper shovel bottom

Like a little boy climbing on his first plastic horse

Until you put your quarter in

That is when you begin to feel

All the fun and excitement

The rocking of the horse

Underneath your body

Makes your whole bottom

Twist and shake

As you grip on tight

Not to fall off

The ride takes you on your own trip

That nobody else can see and feel but you

When you finally release the snow

It climbs piggy back on the other snow

That was patiently waiting

Jumping on it's surface

Only to raise it's head

Then each shovel full after

Fills up a different space

Sometimes falling deeper

Other times jumping even higher

Like a game of leap frog

Where one person

Makes the first person disappear

If only for a second

The snow begins to accumulate

This takes time

A snow blower goes so fast

The snow is sucked up like a vacume

Crushed and spit out

Flying squished and all distorted

Tossed carelessly


Landing all different ways

Only to be smothered by the next

Blast of heavy pounding snow

As my shovel follows more of a ballet routine

Carefully sliding into a new section

One snow pile only half lifted

There was not enough energy to take it any farther

Here we return to try again

To shoot the snow

Lifting it just so

Like a cannon ball flying through the air

Destined for a new place

Soaring through the air

Spinning in many rotations

Quicker than the eyes could see

Only a rocket could understand

Trying to seek a new destination

Never before possible

Then we see the space left behind empty

Where all the snow once visited

The snow shovel is propelled by human motion

An exercise almost obsolete

If it wasn't carefully orchestrated

Not by electricity or gas

Repeated hundreds of times

Practicing until the motion is perfected

To get the next lift higher

Competitive by nature

From nature

A delicate form of water

So hard to construct

Many machines frantically try to duplicate

It's perfection

Only to come in a close second

The consistency and the texture

Quiet fluffy and other times so concentrated

Light or heavy

Each shovel full varies

In a few degrees

So many math calculations can be calculated

How high the angle of projection

Then we need to be scientific

The density or the airy composite nature

Where it can be carefully analyzed and broken down

Even though many people think it may look the same

Just a white mess

I see so much more

The hand over hand thrust

The light grip and a twist

In different cases a firmer grip needed

Or the snow will jump

Earlier than anticipated

Then we have to redo

When went wrong

Our arms and back

Each working together


To produce the maximum results

Rest needed

Quick sudden stops

Only to take off like a plane

Fast filled with a new power

Not yet known before

The air can change to wind

Causing new resistance

More snow may fall

Quicker than you thought possible

Silently hiding all the work you did

So even after only a few minutes have gone by

The snow that was removed

Has now returned untouched by human hands

Magical and spiritual in nature

To remind us anything man has done

Nature can effortlessly undo

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