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Should I Keep Going on or Should I?

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Tangent is an Engineering graduate and has Masters in Engineering. In his early years, he loves writing and tends to inspire others through


Have you ever been so tired?

Do you wish to surrender?

Everything seems wired

And positioned you under

The countless nights where tears pour out

Those cozy evenings of ceaseless cry

The room that’s filled with endless doubt

Through darkness hearts begin to dry

With questions ought to fill in mind

When will the sun begin to shine?

Within the vast of human kind

When will things be ever get fine?

But deep within the darkness felt,

Should I go under and keep the speed?

Hidden treasures were surely kept

In depths and bottoms of earth indeed

Fear may hold your left

Uncertainty may shake your right

But note that end is not yet,

Because there was never an endless night

Everything will come to pass

Even words will fade away

So do not think to leave the mass

For He alone has the final say

Say the word, if you remember,

The very reason you stand today.

It’s not the road that matters after,

But the life you lived without replay.