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Shotgun Rabbit 2 - Bunny Boyfriend's Revenge

I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.

Shotgun Rabbit 2 - Bunny Boyfriend's Revenge

Shotgun Rabbit 2 - Bunny Boyfriend's Revenge

Shotgun Rabbit 2 - Bunny Boyfriend's Revenge

Have you ever heard the tale of the shotgun bunny? Well, word got out and back to her "Honey".

Boy, he was mad, let me tell you his story. But watch out boys and girls it gonna get gory.

His girlfriend went to town just looking for some food. But everyone in town was being just really rude.

She got kinda pissed and flipped a few cars. She ran amuck and left many scars.

The people of the town were all scared to death. There was only one man who would save all the rest.

He hid real quiet and took a big chance. He stole the bunny's gun, he almost shit his pants.

She chased him to the tracks. But she didn't watch her back. That's when the train hit her hard "SMACK!".

Well, the long story we kept all the parts for a celebration feast. All were happy that they had killed the beast.

Until one day her boyfriend came to town. He was feeling a bit hungry so he had a look around.

He hopped into town, shotgun on his back. He was looking for food or a maybe quick snack.

He smelt something good floating in the air. Somehow it reminded him of his sweethearts fluffy rare.

The people of the town were having a celebration. A poster showed his bunny wife's damnation.

She was dead, and worse yet she was the main course. Listen up kiddies it gets much, much worse.

The bunny infumed. He let out a cry. "Those people are savages! All humans must die!!!"

He charged the crowd with his shotgun in hand. His plan was quite clear, to kill all he can.

Right off the bat, he kills six or seven. I hope they have been good, so they get into heaven.

People were running, screaming in fear. While the bunny stood over his sweethearts plated rear.

The bunny enraged, he really went nuts. He started deliberately aiming for butts.

BANG!!! BANG!!!, BANG!!! BANG!!!

Blowing them off, He hit at least twenty. By this time you'd think, sure, that should be plenty.

But not for that bunny, he wanted revenge. He wouldn't stop until he had all their rear ends.

In the end, it was all very bloody. No one survived. Not a man was left standing, not ever their wives.

This story now over, although very cold. A boyfriend bunnies revenge now has been told.

Did You Enjoy This Poem? Read About Bunny Grilfriends Story. Enjoy!

  • Shotgun Rabbit
    This is a story of a cute giant rabbit. It carried a shotgun just out of habit. She ran a muck and smashed a van and a truck. So they call the police to nab it.

© 2020 Jason Nicolosi

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