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Shotgun Rabbit

I'm a caregiver and an artist. I received high honors in creative writing, fine arts, and sculpture at Montserrat College of Art.

Shotgun Rabbit

Shotgun Rabbit

Shotgun Rabbit

Shotgun Rabbit

Bunnies they look so cute and so sweet.

But what if it were a giant bunny with a shotgun you'd meet?

If she hopped all around waving her gun in the air, would you look, stop, and stare?

If it were begging for money, would you give it a dollar?

Or would you say "No!", shouting loud with holler?

What if it were running around causing a scene? It's big pink and fluffy, but being real mean.

Would you sit by watching or would you try to intervene?

A giant bunny with a shotgun, hopping along, singing and laughing doing all wrong.

She held up the barber, she robbed the old man. She shot up his car and smashed my van.

We call the police they came in a hurry, but they thought it was cute so they call Joe, Jim, and Murray.

They gathered around the big fluffy wonder, but that's where they made their biggest of blunders.

With their guard let down and then unprepared, the bunny began just what I feared.

With shotgun in hand, she blew their heads off. A breeze blew by I sneezed and I coughed.

The bunnies ears perked up they herd my "ahh choo". She's heading my way. "What will I do?"

I ducked for cover as I hid my very best. With my heart beating loudly, pounding right out of my chest.

The bunny right beside me sniffing the air, "Should I grab her gun; would I dare?"

I took my chances and grabbed for the gun. When I got it from its hands I started to run.

It started to chase me, I guess it was pissed. It made crazy noises, it roared and it hissed.

I then pumped the gun once and readied my aim, this thing was going nutty and totally insane.

I needed to kill it, but the thought gave me a chill. This cute fluffy bunny its blood I must spill.

Shotgun in hand I shot at the bunny, "Oops I missed, isn't that funny?"

She ran and she jumped at me with all of her might. I tried as hard as I could to put up a fight.

It slapped, it swatted and pawed at my head. I just hoped that soon it would be dead.

That fight went on for quite a long time. I guess in the end the luck was all mine.

It just didn't see the train that was speeding, from which its death would soon be impeding.

I jumped from the track on which we were fighting. Trying to get me, she was scratching and biting.

The train's horn sounds loudly. Its whistle was blowing. The bunny was doomed this I was knowing.

The rabbit was gone all splattered to heck, and train smashed as well; oh what a wreck.

As I look at the scene, stuck in the track. It was a big rabbit's foot which I tossed in a sack.

From that day forward I had lots of luck. I found a million dollars. I bought a new truck. I live in a mansion high on the hill. That little rabbit foot sure paid the bills.

© 2019 Jason Nicolosi

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