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Short Random Poems


I take my pen and keep writing on this crisp white sheet of paper, but as I keep writing the ink keeps fading away.

Finding myself lost in a desert endless, I try to survive in this never ending trail.

Just as the ink disappears, I want to get lost in this place, like that forgotten drop of ink please let me fade, cause I’m not that ink which is made to stay and stain. Please don’t hold me back like the paper holds the ink, because in the end our fate is all the same, because, we hold that very same paper above the same flame which in the end burns us too.

Let me not burn in this fire, I pray, because fading away constantly is hurtful enough that now I don’t have the courage to inflict myself with anymore pain. So if this time I fade away, don’t make efforts to write on that sheet again, instead let the sheet loose until it flies and lands on a surface where it naturally gets buried, lifeless and forgotten in years to be.


Ishita Bose.


“Roll your eyes until you find your brain there”, they say.

There are many things in this world to break you but far less things to join.

And if there’s something which makes me see my brain, the heart’s best friend/ enemy, to know the damage and the colour of the seam from where it tore so that I can stitch it with the right thread, then why not

“Roll my eyes until I find the broken mess of a brain there.”


Ishita Bose.


Have you ever realised how a drop of tear resembles half a heart?

Making feeble senses strong like ;

When someone else’s tears make you cry,

When someone else’s pain feels like mine,

When someone else’s laugh makes you smile,

That’s the moment when the drops combine,

Forming a stream,

A stream of something unexplainable,

Making the once incomplete piece complete.


Ishita Bose.

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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