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Short On Time

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Work Is Calling

I am not ready yet

I have a few more things to do

Eating breakfast now

I rush in to brush my hair

We just made such wonderful love

My body still floating on air

My phone is charged and we opened all the windows

I need some incredible fresh air

To clear my mind

Half dressed and I still have to shave

Brush my teeth

Where is my deodorant?

I look at the clock once

I check my watch

Glancing at my phone

Looking at the time is not going to slow it down any

I can't do much more

I dry up a few dishes

No time to water the flowers or the garden

I have to call the police

Someone stole my day

Did anyone see which way my day went?

It is over before it started

The police have enough things on their mind

I will have to find this one on my own

Have a great day everyone

Watch your day real close

I don't want to see

What happened to me

Happen to you

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