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Shopping as Stress Reliever

Shopping as Stress Reliever.

Shopping can be intimidating.

A chore that would bore.

What’s fun in shopping?

As I reached adulting,

I started wandering,

What are the joys of shopping?

Mothers know this for sure.

Alone time to unwind,

Kitchen essentials,

Cute stuffs for home improvements,

Maybe some skin care added to cart?

Some chocolates and chips for cheat days.

An exercise you only get at the local grocery.

Fathers would rather explore the technological world.

Electronics, gadgets, still for home improvements.

What’s their joy?

Talking to sales and merchandisers, making them buy.

Buy things they don’t actually need but can come handy.

“I don’t wanna go with you, you take time shopping.”

That’s what they say before leaving the house.

Next thing you know, you find him enjoying chitchatting.

Children loves shopping too.

It just takes time to convince them to go with you.

Especially when they get a little moody with tantrums.

But when you finally took them to the store,

Watch their eyes be amazed with mouth watering foods and drinks.

Free tastes are such a joy especially if you can get as much as you want.

Play with other kids you come across, just make sure they don't fight.

Running around the halls in every lane.

And when they start saying "Mom I want this, I want that"

It's a joy for them and not for the one's who is paying.

You know the trick,

Just put it back to the shelves when they aren't looking.

They won't know when you get home.

Kidding aside, shopping with kids teaches them to explore.

Make wise decisions on their own.

Get a glimpse of the other side of the world, they don't know about.

It's nice to shop wild like a child would sometimes.

But reality hits you hard, you've got no enough money for that.

Not just yet, not for now.

Who knows, maybe soon?

Shopping on field gives opportunities for connections.

Building harmonious relationships.

There be times you’ll find comrades along the way.

Online shopping is fun.

Although, it takes away that experience.

Meeting new people, walking and stretching your limbs,

Finding good finds and buys at a cheap price.

Guess that’s adulting.

When shopping is much the only thing,

That gives you so much joy and happiness.

Just don’t forget to budget your expenses.

You can’t buy everything you crave for all at once.

Shopping can be a vice much like gambling,

If you aren’t careful of what you impulsively buy.

Yes it can boost your happy hormones,

But there’ll be consequences for such actions.

If you’re up and ready for it, sure keep going.

But if you aren’t ready to face these consequences,

Think more than twice before spending so much.

Just because every one is buying every sale every month,

Doesn’t mean you also have to buy and go with the trend.

Pamper yourself once in a while, you deserve that.

But pampering yourself almost everytime,

Even on a tight budget, you should be rethinking your decisions in life.

Go on a shopping may it be on field or online when you really need it.

Think wisely if you just want to satisfy your itch to buy something,

Just cause you wanted to or you just feel like doing so.

If it’s meant for you, you’ll have it even if you don’t ask for it.

Christmas Shopping is once again in season.

People are rushing to buy christmas gifts and food for christmas parties.

They saved money the entire year to buy new clothes for Christmas and New Years.

It’s alright to spend some for the noche buena and starve for the first two months of the year.

January is no problem for many, we just have to reheat and reheat everything.

That impulsive buying every sale, let’s make it part of New Year’s Resolutions.

It isn’t healthy for our well being.

Shop for what matters and make it as an investment to make it grow.

If it’s just gonna be covered in dust at the corner of your room, you really don’t need it.

Shop for something useful and will last for a long time.

That you’ll know your expenses are worth what you are earning for.

And when you see that every cent you earned goes to something worth it,

It’s more than fulfilling than anything else in the world.

You work hard for it, you deserve it.

Shop wisely. For You and the betterment of the economy.

Don't forget to still wear your mask on when you go for shopping,

Pandemic isn't over yet.

Stay protected and stay safe!


© 2021 Gianella Labrador