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Shopping Per Brenda’s 41st Prompt

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Shopping is the new 41st prompt from our friend, Brenda Arledge. With each new prompt the Hubpage authors scramble to write poetry or perhaps a short story using the new prompt. These prompts have inspired us to try new types of writing and stretch our skills to new horizons. This has been very special to me, as I had not written poetry for several years, and I have found I really enjoy it.

Shopping is thought of in several ways, whether it is grocery shopping or maybe buying a gift for a loved one or good friend.

The first poem is an acrostic poem. The second poem is about christmas and the last poem is about grocery shopping.

Shopping will be done today

Holiday gifts for every loved one

Over the budget, we don’t care

Packages too many, but it is fun

Pinched toes as I’ve walked so far

I started early, I won’t forget one

No time of year is better than this

Grateful when I am finally done


Christmas Shopping

Walking from store to store

Shopping for the perfect gifts

Feet hurting and legs aching

But I will keep making the tour

Looking for a gift they will adore

Celebrating Christmas each year

Making memories that we hold dear

Precious times that we hold near


Grocery Shopping

Not happy it’s grocery shopping again

It seem I just went, but here once more

Filling the buggy with household goods

Feeding the family is definitely a chore

Always checking my list at least twice

Don’t want to forget any meat or spice

Do I need eggs, I’m just not sure

Guess I’ll buy a dozen to be sure

The cart is loaded to the very brim

I didn’t get off cheap once again

Prices are climbing quickly I think

It’s painful to know I’ll be back next week

Flash Mob - Sing "Feliz Navidad" Christmas Song at Shopping Mall

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby