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Shoot for the Dream of Success

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You Can Have It All

What are you waiting for?

No time to waste

Think of the things you want

Then picture in your mind what it would be like to have them

Let fantasy be your guide

No rules

No limits

Close your eyes

You give your mind permission to run wild

There is no better time than now

Feel what it is like

Imagine that you have what you have been wanting for so long

Feel the excitement

The thrill

Working so hard and for so long

It all pays off

No matter what other people thought or said

It really doesn't matter

You did what you always wanted

There was no stopping you

You are determined

You are confident

Taking pride in everything you do

Your whole body tingles with joy

There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe

The feeling you are feeling

There is so much passion and energy

There is abundant joy for everyone

Now go slow

Think of all the little things that make this moment

Extra special

How you feel in the inside

How you look on the outside

The way you walk with your head up high

Shoulders back

Strut you stuff

Remember all the times you waited for this time to come true

Now it is happening right before your very eyes

There is no one stopping you

You can say it quietly to yourself

Scream it from the top of your lungs

Talk to yourself like you are talking to a dear friend

It all works

It is what have always wanted

To be accepted

To be noticed

To be who you are

Your not living someone else's dream

This is your wish

You are in control

You feel the inside chuckle

Lead to a rolling belly laugh

There is not a time that you did not feel better

All your greatest achievements have paved the way

To this day

Unstoppable you

The creative you

The happy you

Now when you go on with your day

If you have any doubts

At any place

Don't hesitate at anytime

You deserve all the credit

It did not come without struggles and heartache

It was certainly worth it

Say over and over again

What you wouldn't even dare to believe

Deep down part of you always knew

You can have it all

You can live a happy life

From this day forward

I mean from here on out

Every day you have to put yourself

In this special place

No matter what other people say

They will say plenty

Let them talk

You know different

With your new found wealth

You can do what you always wanted to do

Help other people

Then you realized

To your surprise

You have been doing it all along

So you are the same person

No need to change

You just never seen

A view of the new you

The person who keeps giving when other people stop

There is one reason and one reason only

Because, you feel great when you do

No reward or recognition can change that

No word of praise or complement

You will tell yourself

I will continue being the happiest version of me

I can be

I will also realize some dreams I thought I wanted so bad

Were not what I thought they would be

They were a distorted view or a thought I thought

That I don't need no more

It doesn't make me happy

That is more than o.k.

It is wonderful and amazing

You have found more pleasure in other things

You can pass that dream on to someone else

So they too

Can reach for their own stars

To find what makes them the happiest

In this large world

There is more than enough room

To see everyone happy

The reason they are not

They are to busy chasing

Something they are not

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