“I Lived on Butterfly Hill” Inspired Poems

Updated on November 16, 2017

I Relate Therefore I Learn

When teachers appear too perfect I can’t relate.

When I would have asked, I hesitate.

This teacher is better than last,

community built,

no longer aghast.

Our new teacher spreads love

with answers to all of our questions

no matter which belief they shove.

—Even with—

“I don’t know.”

The teacher‘s answer so short;

three little words of such import.

So honest and humble you see

my label ... trustworthy.

If I work hard, a peer I could be;

there’s no pedestal betwixt her and me.

Shiver mi Pneuma

Earth-borne tremble safer

than soul-borne quail.

With falling buildings,

than falling ego,

it does pale.


It’s a product you see

off higher-order taxonomy.

Create—charm—a volition

not a fairytale from the sea.

Beget magic,

establish it,

fruition to see.

None Shall Pass

Osculation North End, Southbound,

think I aquiesce


Permission needed

to make me feel


It’s a choice

and I get to choose,

consent or ....


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